MICHELE BOREGGI is an Italian man on a mission. Michele has run his own recording studio, produced music and audio books, designed film soundtracks, digitally remastered recordings of legendary Italian composers, worked in television broadcast at MTV and LA7 in Milan and as a live recordist and sound designer around the world. Currently he is working incessantly on Shotgun Boogie and leading the team to wit’s end and back. Michele grew up in a big and boisterous family in Rome where he went on to study sound engineering, midi technologies and electronic music at the University of Music. Michele is a control freak and he knows it and is loved for it just the same. The crew never wants him to leave New Orleans.


SEAN O’GRADY is the world's most curious cameraman. One foot in the local film industry and one foot in independent videography and photography, Sean comes to life when exploring the world around him. It is not uncommon for him to pony up to a stranger’s porch and make friends or to spend a day exploring abandoned places with a camera in hand. Raised in Portland, Oregon, Sean has over ten years of professional lighting experience in film and television production. Beginning with a Hi-8 camcorder in high school, Sean has produced numerous narrative shorts, documentaries, music videos and performance pieces over the years, along with striking personal portraits and landscape photography.



COLLEEN ROWLEY is ready for anything. A fluidly creative person, Colleen has applied her wide variety of skills to jobs in professional video production, art direction, tai chi instruction, legal assistance, non-profit development and event production. Currently, Colleen orchestrates a bustling local art market on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans. Colleen, who was born on the island of Grenada and raised in the state of Washington, is eager to collaborate with and assist innovative thinkers to grow ideas and projects that break down social barriers and boxes.

HANNAH SWENSON goes with the flow. Over the years Hannah has crisscrossed the country learning from and collaborating with diverse creative communities along the way. She has balanced professionally producing documentaries, music events and film festivals with additional work in education, agriculture and civic engagement. Hannah has lived in Washington D.C., North Carolina, Spain, California, and, most recently, the sweet bayous of Louisiana. She is committed to innovative community-driven projects and is moved by storytelling and filmmaking as means for dialogue, debate and mobilization.  

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